15 Essential Work Habits for Success in the Skilled Trades

The Secret to Building a Successful Career in the Skilled Trades

The economy is growing.

The demand for skilled workers in the construction industry is growing at rapid rate.The U.S. government projects that the demand for laborers and helpers will grow at a rate of 12% for the next 8 years!

What does this mean for you?

If you are an owner of a construction company, it means that you face the challenge of finding skilled employees in order to build your business.

If you are just starting in the construction industry it means that you have a huge opportunity! You have the opportunity to get into the construction industry and build a career with:

  • High demand which can provide job security.
  • Opportunity for growth.
  • The chance to learn new skills and expand your abilities.
  • Increases in wages as a result of your ability to grow your skills.
  • Challenging work that pushes you to grow your skills.

Business owners and employers are looking for skilled workers – with good work habits. They want to hire skilled tradespeople who not only have the necessary abilities to get the work done. They want to bring on skilled workers who have good work habits that will contribute to the success of the company and be long-term employees.

A skilled trades person with poor work habits may actually be harder to manage and lead than someone with a solid set of work habits who lacks specific skills. An employer who recognizes good work habits may be willing to invest in someone who lacks the specific skills they are looking for.

In this course, the team at Construct-Ed takes a look at the 15 Essential Work Habits that are needed to build a successful career in the construction and skilled trades industries.These skills are:

  • Take pride in the work that you do.
  • Learn how to pace yourself in your work to avoid burn-out.
  • Know your position on the team and STICK to it.
  • Do more than is expected of you.
  • Pay attention to the smallest of details.
  • Keep working and contributing – even when you are done with YOUR job.
  • Look to understand the overall plan of the project – and how YOU contribute to the plan’s success.
  • Accept that nothing is beneath YOU – everyone contributes at all levels.
  • Understand YOUR personal prime – and how to build it.
  • Know that YOU are not above hard work.
  • Realize that construction is a team sport – and that everyone works together to achieve the goal.
  • Understand why YOU do what YOU do.
  • Accept that not everyone can be a leader – and that knowing how to be a good follower will make YOU a good leader in the future.
  • Everyone wins as a team and loses as a team.
  • Focus on building YOUR career based on a world class standard.

What YOU will learn:

  • Why individuals take jobs and why they quit those jobs.
  • What employers are looking for and why individuals are let go from their jobs.
  • The 15 Essential Work Habits and how to build those work habits.
  • Practices that you can use to help build those habits for future growth and success.

Good work habits are an essential building block for any career.Without good work habits, your chances for success in building a strong career are severely impacted.Businesses want to hire individuals with good work habits and help build them into productive members of their teams!

YOU should take this course if:

  • You are new to construction and want to learn what it will take to be successful.
  • You are a business owner and want to learn how to coach your employees on how to build good work habits.
  • We also strongly recommend that this course be used as part of your on-boarding process to help mentor your new hires into the company.

By building these work habits early on you will improve your chances and the chances of your employees for success.

Join the class and learn what it takes to build good work habits and support your career in the skilled trades and construction!

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Construct-Ed, Inc. is an online learning platform for the construction industry. We work with both in-house instructors as well as guest instructors to create high quality learning content. This course was created by our in-house team of instructors to help you build your skills and knowledge for a more successful career in the construction industry and skilled trades.

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